• I fell over. It started as a slide off the curb while I tried to remain 2 metres away from someone I was walking with, turned into a stumble, then what seemed like a very slow failure to regain my balance as my pregnant body gravity did unexpected things ending with me skinning my knee (through my jeans), and scraping up my hip, shoulder, hands and even face. Other casualties were my ego and the cardamom knot which I was enjoying at the time.
  • The Dominic Cummings saga seems even more outrageous than the normal shit this government does. The twisting of reality to protect him and the spinelessness of the cabinet ministers who all fell in line immediately to defend him are what I find especially offensive.
  • Edd, Keran and I wrote up our radio show. I feel a bit like there is an obvious lack of reference to Radio Roundabout in the post. I mean, I did rip it off substantially. It wasn’t very easy to include because the whole post is written as “we” and it is “I” that had the RR experience. Anyway. Sorry Tom, Russell and Ben for not giving you the credit you deserve.
  • I’ve been watching Grayson’s Art Club. The best bit about it is how nice he and his wife (psychotherapist and author Phillipa Perry) are to each other. Just pottering about being supportive to one another. The worst part about it is Noel Fielding being wacky.
  • I also watched The Price of Everything which was really good. Rich people!
  • It took us a really long time to complete Sunday’s cryptic crossword this week because I had spelt “chaise longue” wrong. Even in this blog post I got the spelling wrong.
  • Tell you what. One thing is confirmed to me as we hit week 10 of lockdown - I’m never going to get bored of seeing my husband’s lovely face.
  • I realised on Friday that my favourite tv show is Gardener’s World. So - between that and the crosswords I am ready for the old people’s home I think.
  • I am now chewing my way through more than one tray of ice per day.

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