• Feminist Friday did some good analysis on where to donate bail money for the US protests based on places where there is a high likelihood of arrest and a low income per capita. Obviously you’ve already seen this because a world in which you read my sloppy 2020 live journal and yet don’t read Feminist Friday doesn’t make sense.
  • Despite the fact that I don’t like playing or watching sport, one of my favourite types of telly is “documentaries about sport”. This week we’ve been watching the Michael Jordan documentary on Netflix. I like how much of a ruthless bastard Michael is in the pursuit of winning. He is horrible to his teammates in order to prepare them for people being horrible to them on the court. I spent a while wondering if I could be that much of a dick to people at work in service to a greater good of everyone computering better but I realised that writing software is nothing like winning basketball matches. The search for a way to legitimise my toxic leadership style continues.
  • I also liked seeing all the clothes and fashion. The 90s!
  • My soft faced giggle monster went back to nursery this week. 4 weeks ago I thought I’d dance a jig when she was finally out of the house and I could get a break, but now I’m just… bored? I want to go downstairs and for her to look up, put her head to one side and say “are you finished working mummy?”. Anyway. I expect she is extremely hyped to be back with her little mates, I know she’s really missed them and they are much better craic than teddy, monkey and doggy.
  • After a month of waking up at 4am with heartburn every single day, this week that just stopped. The only evidence it ever happened is the large bottle of Gaviscon by the bed. Bodies are wild.
  • I am still mainlining icecubes, getting through more than one tray of ice per day. I’ve broken two of our three ice trays.

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