• Hello.
  • Over the course of the lockdown, we (me, really) have refined lunchtime meals to something quite fancy. In the before times I wouldn’t have bothered with this kind of extravagance, but now I am not spending money on lunches it seems fine to waz £30 on bread or £20 on cake delivery.
    • Bread and cinnamon rolls from GAILS. Firstly - of the 6 deliveries we’ve had from GAILS, they have cocked up 5 of them in some way. Wrong items, wrong delivery day, missing items. They are just not at all reliable. However, they are the only posh bakery I could find that delivered to my area so that’s why continue with them.
    • Soda from Square Root. Is it ridiculous to spend £40 on fizzy drinks brewed in hackney? Yes. Is their non-alcoholic gin and tonic absolutely delicious? Also yes.
    • Cheese from Neals Yard. As part of my new pregnant lifestyle I’m eating a lot of cheese and biscuits. Don’t @ me about eating unpasteurised cheese while pregnant. I KNOW. It’s good that my husband doesn’t read these anymore or he’d be @-ing me tomy face which would be difficult to ignore.
    • Cakes from Brett and Bailey (SE19, CR7, SE20, SE21, SE23, SE25, SE26, SE27, SW16 only). I work with Bailey of Brett and Bailey, he has a side hustle as a very good product manager. With a minimum order of £15, because they hand deliver, you have to go in with a neighbour or something, but luckily we all know our neighbours really well now right?!
  • There is a four leaf clover in my garden!
  • At what point do I have to stop listening to Lizzo around my kid? Before or after she repeats an f-bomb? Please advise.
  • [Grot lifestyle] It’s Wednesday and I really want a shower but my shower days are Thursdays and weekends because I am a skank now.
  • E is now potty trained (er, except for poo which she is too much of a princess to do on the potty) Getting there was a real lowlight of the lockdown, along with the chicken pox and that entire weekend I spent crying, but now she’s trained, the chicken pox scars are barely visible, and I haven’t done a cry since last Saturday.
  • I am listening to Craig David’s “Can You Fill Me In” (twenty years old!). Who would have called it that the line that really dates that song is:

    Said you were queuing for a taxi, but you left all your money on the TV.

On the TV! Imagine.

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