• Every day I wake up at between 4 and 5 with heartburn. The solution is to move around until the Little Brother moves into a more comfortable position. This Sunday I woke up just as the Observer was delivered. We get it delivered now so that we can do the crossword together over the week. I decided to go downstairs and sit in the garden on a bench L has just finished. All the birds were chirping, and I read a very boring article in the paper. It was completely peaceful. Then I went back to bed and lay awake thinking about plants until E woke up. It’s not interesting but it is true.
  • My house is getting quite grimy now because it’s really annoying to have to bend over to clean things.
  • Our nursery is going back on the 3rd of June. I thought I’d feel elated but I actually just feel despair - it seems too soon? Our death rate is still too high?
  • I am tired.

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