• OK feeling better. Crying significantly down on last week.
  • I subscribe to and actually read the Financial Times’s “Moral Money” newsletter. On Monday they mentioned this which I hadn’t heard about:

    Harvard University has found itself in the sin bin this week for accepting $9m in federal bailout money, despite having a $40bn endowment, the largest of any US university.

It reminded me of this podcast episode in which Malcom Gladwell asks the dean (? I should fact check this tbh, I can’t really remember) of Stanford if there is any amount of wealth that Stanford could accrue through donations that he would concede would be better given to other smaller institutions, in particular community colleges, and he said no.

  • I’ve been using the Turnip Prophet to understand when to sell my turnips and it has been good so far. (Mum this is a reference to a game called Animal Crossing that some of my metropolitan friends are playing, don’t worry about it.)
  • I would really really really like a chip bap. Chip shop chips in a bap with ketchup. We used to eat them after school and they cost £1.
  • We did another radio show for work. It was really really fun and a better than the last one because Edd had gotten some tips from the AV team about streaming music over a livestream, and Keran and I were a bit more relaxed. Keran, Edd and I plan the whole hour and then everyone listening hangs out in a slack channel and talks about whatever we’re doing. GIFs reactions to songs, listener polls (this week was do you fold or scrunch your toilet paper and it was… divisive), competitions (this week was a self portrait judged by our colleague Arjun). We have jingles, fake ads for FT products. It’s so fun.
  • E has a baby doll (called “baby”) who she just replays things that have happened to her with. The week another kid at nursery bit her it was all troubled face “Baby keeps biting her friends”. Then when she got chicken pox, of course so did baby, and actually so did all of her toys. Monkey, still has chicken pox. Anyway, this week I heard E say to Baby: “No baby, I can’t hold you. I’m too tired, I’m too pregnant, My foot’s gone to sleep”.
  • As with my last pregnancy, I really crave chewing ice. This is a sign of anaemia, but I love it because it’s such a benign desire. Ice is basically free, in infinite supply, and has absolutely no health problems associated with eating it. Literally every other thing I crave is bad for me or the environment in the quantities I want to consume it, but not ice!
  • I am currently eating about 1 tray of ice per day.
  • Yes I should get the anaemia thing sorted and go back to my more dangerous cravings of online shopping and cake.
  • I unblocked a drain, it was the run-off from my roof. I had to put my arm in up to my elbow to pull the sludge out, but it was very satisfying to pull out handfuls of brick sludge and eventually see the water drain away. My arm is never going to feel clean again.
  • I’ve finally dug over and planted the last bit of the garden and it looks smashing.

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