• Welp
  • Are we half way through the lockdown yet? It’s weird not knowing how much longer the current routine will go on for.
  • Chee reminded me that it’s possible to be both “lucky” and “suffering” which was very important for me to hear in that moment because a compounding factor in just how bad I feel about this whole situation is how bad I feel about how bad I feel. Like - how pathetic to be doing this badly when I have a garden, an understanding job, and supportive partner, plenty of money and a cute toddler.
  • Edds showed up on a bike ride as a surprise and I felt such a surge of emotion that I thought I was going to cry.
  • I watched this interview with Emmanuel Macron in the FT (free to view). I don’t really know a lot about Macron, I’ve seen him speak before but this is the first time I’ve seen him interviewed and bloody hell. The write up of the interview, says this:

    The usually tactile Mr Macron — of whom it was once said that “he could seduce a chair”

  • Yep that about sums it up.
  • Also - what a different kind of politician to, say, Boris - full of ideas, happy and interested to talk about them, appearing to be thinking through and turning things over as he answers questions.
  • Red button subscribers can ask me further about the Macron interview as I have other things to say but they are not for the weaknotes.
  • As in life, my favourite thing about Animal Crossing is the gardening. Shrubs, flowers, trees. I am obsessed.

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