• As if the present situation didn’t have enough colour, E now has chicken pox!
  • Not one to go with the crowd, my daughter has found a different virus to catch. So edgy, so off beat. Great job kiddo.
  • She is really crusty and a bit sad.
  • Ah well - good to get it out of the way and at least she doesn’t have to come out of nursery.
  • Without the rhythm being at home at the weekend and out of it during the week, the days have merged into one. Every day the same. Looking into the future, more of the same but with better weather.
  • How funny that the last fun thing I did before quarantine was that trip to Rye with Nat.
  • People’s weeknotes are genuinely something to puncture the groundhog days - so please keep them coming, even when they’re bleak and you can’t be bothered.

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