• I watch Have I Got News For You. I know I’m not supposed to like it because it’s establishment men being smug about the news but I do OK?
  • Anyway anyway I watched the first social distancing episode and my god I have not seen any telly that bad ever in my life. It was excruciating. They were all dialling from their respective homes and of course there was no live audience.
  • Firstly - somebody please get these men a green stick, they look like they’ve been boiled. (Steph McGovern was hosting and looked great, presumably because she’s been paying attention in hair and makeup).
  • Secondly - not only is this not funny it is also really uncomfortable. It’s awkward. It’s four strangers at a dinner party who have been told to be funny. Despite the fact that it would have been edited, the timing was still off.
  • I had to leave the room.
  • Nice weather eh?
  • I had a bit of a funny interaction with the local garden centre. They sent me the following email in response to a question about what varieties of strawberries they had:

    Thank you for your email. strawberries pegasus, red gauntlet, florence, elsante, alice, sweet heart please call the shop to confirm and make payment for this [REDACTED PHONE NUMBER] we are extremely busy thanks

  • How rude I thought. Don’t call me sweetheart. Do you want my business or not?
  • I nearly didn’t respond because I was so narked off by the tone, but then I did because I do actually really want some strawberry plants as last years ones have root weevils and are looking very sad.
  • Anyway, when the plants arrived I looked at the handwritten notes from our conversation:

    strawberry varieties

    • pegasus,
    • red gauntlet,
    • florence,
    • elsante,
    • alice,
    • sweet heart
  • So - Alice, and Sweet Heart are both varieties of strawberry, apparently, and sometimes people are just giving you lists of strawberries rather than being rude.

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