• Hmmmmmmmmmm.
  • Nearly fainted on the train because I didn’t eat breakfast and nobody gave me a seat. Until I abruptly started sitting on the floor of the carriage and then someone thought maybe the pregnant woman could get a seat - as a little treat. Of course this is my fault for not asking for a seat and instead seeing how long I could last like a very shit endurance test.
  • Nat and I took a day trip to Rye which was excellent except for the weird COVID-19 background noise. We went to the Merchant and Mills shop, looked around some other shops and ate plenty of things.
  • Was worried about my dad but then remembered he has access to a chemistry lab so he can just make his own hand sanitiser.
  • Not massively thrilled about having to go to hospitals for routine pregnancy things right now. Having a baby last time was basically fine (there was a 6 day long inpatient induction, 5 days post partum of me wandering around the maternity ward in my pjs going a bit weird while people worried E had an infection which it turned out she didn’t even have) but it all felt a bit like everything worked just about. This time though - with the massive additional pressure on the doctors and nurses. I dunno. More to worry about.
  • It was my birthday this week, which I forgot was happening because of all the other things that were happening. That would be fine except I share a birthday with my mum, brother, and Russell. So forgetting their birthdays is a bit more awkward.
  • Spent my 33rd birthday contingency planning for a pandemic. Did manage to get some cake though so not all bad.
  • Everyone in Product and Tech is working from home from now until… well I think it’s going to be months not weeks. “What a time to be alive etc”.
  • I would really like to be able to get drunk right now.

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