• Hello. This week I have recovered from flu.
  • My slow spring repotting continues. I do a couple of plants every weekend with E. She squats in the kitchen with me and helps me move soil around. She concentrates intently while I tell her what thing to do next is. The soil goes all over the place of course but we just sweep it up together at the end.
  • I’ve now listened to the audio-book “How to talk so little kids will listen”. I hoped I’d never have to read a book about children but it turns out I did. This one was good except for the parts where the narrator had to do impressions of children which I found viscerally annoying.
  • The main revelation for me is that I’m not actually in charge so I have to be more creative about getting E to do things than just telling her what to do. “Can you put your t-shirt on standing on one leg?” is a far more successful strategy than just telling her to put her t-shirt on 50 times while she pretends she can’t hear me. Anyway. The book was good and mercifully short.
  • I assume because of Covid19, the Sainsbury’s delivery slots are all full until well into next week which is inconvenient for me. Maybe it means Sainos will be less busy on Saturday though?
  • They haven’t done it yet but they are definitely going to close the office at some point. I’m just waiting for the email. I am a seasoned pro at emergency office closures, having survived 2. (1) The time at BERG when the man we were subletting from did not pay his rent and the landlord went in and changed the locks. (2) The time the gas pipes under Holborn caught fire. Underground fire in pipes is not easy to put out you know, so that one lasted 2 weeks.
  • Office closures are boring. I enjoy working from home occasionally, but for prolonged periods I find it very tedious.
  • I managed to find 1 hour 40 minutes to watch this contrapoints video on “cancelling”. It made me wonder where… how do I put this… where the responsible people are? The ones who bother to look at the source material and have a little think to themselves and then form an opinion which isn’t as black and white as “cancel person X”. I guess I know these people exist but they aren’t visible enough. There are the vocally anti-cancelling people - but they are often saying things that are indistinguishable from the actual baddies so I feel a bit confused about them. I should probably GTFO twitter.

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