• As a rule, I don’t read any weeknotes from people I don’t know. Except Anna’s which contain things like this:

    got wound up by seeing a totally inaccurate use of a reflexive pronoun in some work comms because it just did not need to be there. look at this sharp increase since the 1960s! I don’t know why this bothers me, except I kind of do: pretending to be formal and getting it wrong feels quite closely related to the kind of inauthentic lack of substance that riles me right up. I should be more forgiving, I know.

  • This is exactly how I feel about inaccurate reflexive pronouns too! I didn’t know they were called that. People on The Apprentice love using reflexive pronouns when they don’t need them.
  • I might actually know Anna. Have we met? She seems like someone I have met but I just can’t remember.
  • At the weekends, E usually sleeps from 1:30pm to 5pm, at which point we wake her up. THREE AND A HALF HOURS. Then she gets up, has tea, plays a bit and goes back to bed at 7:30.

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