• [Monday] My doobs, I went back to work this week. I had a bit of a cold and wasn’t really ready for work again yet. January is so hard isn’t it. The dark. The drizzle. Having a job.
  • In the Eminem/Rihanna collab “Love the way you lie” there is an Eminem line that goes: “I guess thats what happens when a tornado hits a volcano // all I know is I love you too much to walk away though”. Eminem is referring to the dangerous and violent explosions of emotion he experiences with his partner, but I often think this would be a good metaphor for when two unrelated bad things happen at once. Like when you get your period and have diarrhoea at the same time. It’s about the synergy of the two bad things combining to make a much worse thing.
  • At the end of this week I had a tornado hit a volcano. Not the period and diarrhoea combo mentioned above, something similarly gross though.
  • Lachie finds that line really funny, I guess because a tornado hitting a volcano is not a common choice of metaphor - not something someone would idly think up when considering their relationship, so in this rap it is absurd. Lachie sometimes says “I guess that’s what happens when a tornado hits a volcano…” very sagely when something bad happens.
  • What does happen when a tornado hits a volcano?
  • On Friday, related to the tornado/volcano situation I was off sick from work. I slept and ate soup and watched a lot of Sex Education on Netflix. I was not expecting Sex Education to be good - I thought it would be like Skins which I tried to watch again recently and it made me feel OLLLLD. But actually it was great - funny, all likeable characters, easy going, lots of very nice shots of bridges in Wales where it is filmed.

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