• Week 69 - nice.
  • Sorry for the above, baby Jesus. Oh and Happy Birthday.
  • We’ve been doing the Grandparent tour. It’s very good watching each of E’s grandparents do grandparenting differently. My dad is always coming up with new games, or taking her on walks to see things in the neighbourhood he thinks are interesting. My mum looks after solo her every other week, so knows the practical stuff like what the good snacks are or what her favourite book is. Lachie’s mum gets right into the imaginary world with her - they’re there making things into pretend cars, having tea parties, all kinds of stuff. And Lachie’s dad is who she wants to read books with and boss around. He’s always the first person she wants to see on the video chat.
  • At Lachie’s parent’s, we visited a woman whose brother does house clearances. In her attic she had probably hundreds if not thousands of pounds worth of fabric which his brother had cleared from an old woman’s house in Scotland. It was unbelievable. Velvet, silk, wool. This woman had very expensive tastes. She had been collecting this fabric since the 90’s and it was all labelled with the length, price she had paid and date. Anyway. I came out with a lot more than I was expecting all for a donation to the local cancer hospital fund. One day I hope to die with that much fabric.
  • [SCREEECHING CHANGE OF TOPIC] Hello. We need to talk about the TERFS. Just… because they’re at it again aren’t they? And normally I don’t like to go too hard on the woke-notes but last week for the second time a woman I admired for her strength, presence and wit started surreptitiously faving very hysterical tweets about the Mumsnet judgement (Thank you Twitter algorithm I guess?). And I thought “oh not you as well, christ”. And then I got to thinking “Can I trust any woman who isn’t literally throwing her pro-trans views in my face? Maybe not?”. SO LOOK here I am. Just saying. If you’re trans or non-binary then this is for you. I’m in your corner. I’m working on the transphobia I have internalised as a result of being absolutely drenched in it since birth as everyone in the UK and probably everywhere has. I don’t think making room for trans women is at odds with the space that cis women have fought for, it should be part of the same space. I want trans women to feel happy and included in all women’s spaces and I’m sorry I have to write that on my fucking blog because apparently you just can’t tell who is a shy TERF these days.
  • If you’re reading this and feeling a bit gender critical, or even just gender quizzical, then that’s OK, but could you please watch this ContraPoints video. It’s very good I promise.
  • OK sorry about that.

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