• A Christmas miracle. A week after my laptop keyboard and trackpad stopped working, my computer did an auto update and they magically started working again! I didn’t even have to do anything. Good lesson for us all there I think.
  • I have made it to the end of the working year. Now the slow process of untangling my brain from work begins. At a minimum I’d like to stop having stressy boring dreams about my job by the end of the holidays. I hope it’s achievable because at the moment I wake multiple times a night thinking “Oh must remember to do this [very mundane work thing]”.
  • I enjoyed watching Tom play Death Stranding a lot. I like watching other people play computer games so long as I know them. Otherwise it’s just men chatting.
  • I played some Two Point Hospital this week. It’s Theme Hospital but newer and you have to deal with Steam.
  • Had a lot of good naps this week. A lot of good naps.
  • This week I learnt that some green energy isn’t vegan because it’s made from pig excrement. Seems like a bit of a pointless differentiation to me - unless you’re farming the pigs just for their poo which doesn’t seem like a very smart business model? Any vegans who have an opinion on this please let me know.
  • Every Christmas I have the same thought: Next year I’m going to make more Christmas decorations and not have so many from Sainsbury’s, and I’m going to get on top of the Christmas card thing and send them to people I actually like, not just my neighbours who I want to not hate me. (Actually I do like 90% of my neighbours)
  • Because of a man named Dave on our street, who is universally adored because he is so kind and generous, a lot of people on my street know one another because he is always introducing people to one another or having parties to which everyone is invited. I bumped into Dave once and I told him I thought he was amazing, and he got quite choked up and said after his daughter was born he decided it was time to make our road a friendly place where everyone knows each other so she could feel safe and happy there. And then he just did it. Amazing.
  • I had my end of year review. Mostly good things with a sprinkling of things to improve that will torment me over the Christmas period and beyond.

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