• These weaknotes are late because I went to my parent’s house at the weekend for my Granny’s 96th birthday and, though there were many opportunities to write weaknotes, each time I thought “nah”.
  • Granny’s birthday was very good. I genuinely think she liked being made a fuss of by the nursing home staff, and having her only great-grandchild show up and sing her happy birthday was a highlight.
  • Last week we started rolling out our pay bands internally. Someone should blog about that. It’s very good having (a) defined levels of expertise and (b) internally public pay scales associated with them. It took the engineering org (about 200 engineers) at the FT 2 years to normalise its pay enough to be able to roll out the salaries because when you don’t have internally public bands to hire against everything drifts out of shape. There were sort of bands before but they were fuzzy and people would give you different answers if you asked about them so they were inconsistently applied.
  • I have finally knitted E a hat that fits her properly and Oh My God it’s cute.
  • I am behind on writing up my knitting projects but I will get round to it eventually.

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