• This week my colleague, who I have said many times is too good for this world, told me that they only just realised “JFDI” stood for “just fucking do it”, and previously they had thought it was a Myres-Briggs type.
  • I often misread JFDI as JEDI and think it is some kind of nerd thing.
  • When I was at school, our drama teacher Ms Mackie had a tape in her office which had a label on it that said “SEX TAPE”. It should have said “SFX TAPE” but somebody very funny had graffitied it.
  • When I was in year 11 someone cleverer than me (hello Johnny Lester!) realised that my school’s name “Perin’s Community School” could easily be changed to “Lenin’s Communist School”. Jonny was smart but he wasn’t the sort of person to get up in the middle of the night and change the school sign to say “Welcome to Lenin’s Communist School” using tip-ex and nail polish. I guess we’ll never know who did that.

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