• I am eating a pink lady apple with peanut butter on toast and let me tell you - it’s delicious.
  • This week we had E’s parent’s evening. Last parent’s evening they told us E was “meeting her targets” and I thought HOW DARE YOU, MY CHILD IS A GENIUS YOU HAD BETTER RECOGNISE THAT. And then I realised literally every parent thinks their child is a genius and statistically that can’t be possible.
  • Anyway this time I was braced for being told E was “doing fine” again and they told me she’s great actually? So that was a nice surprise. Specifically they told me she is friends with everyone and knows everyone’s names, which just seems like a very adorable trait for a 22 month old.
  • This week for work I filled in 11 annual review feedback forms. I’ve worked out the way to make this bearable, which is to do it from home under a blanket. I think last year I did them while I was feeling a bit stressed and inevitably the feedback was a bit harsher than it would have been had I been snuggly and warm.
  • I had a bit of a meltdown at nursery this week when one of the nursery assistants casually told me she had not been giving E her (prescribed by a doctor) medication as she didn’t think E needed it. Three days in a row without even telling me. I try not to be too much of a diva about E’s care, but you know, giving her her medication and not changing her dosages because you’re not a fucking doctor does seem like the absolute basics.
  • I’m still watching succession.

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