• I came here to write something funny that I thought of today but now I’ve forgotten it. This is the blogging equivalent of going upstairs and by the time you get there you’ve forgotten what you went there for.
  • Anyway, until that thing comes back to me, and I’m able to dazzle you with my wit and perceptiveness… something else. We have started watching Succession. Is it good? One bit has been good so far “Words are just complicated airflow”.
  • My work computer got hit by this bug in night mode, so every time it triggers at 4pm (FFS FETCH ME MY SAD LAMP) my computer was freaking out.
  • Lionel Barber announced that he is stepping down as Editor of the FT this week. I had heard the rumours this was happening, but nobody had any solid intel on who his replacement would be. Well, it turns out his replacement is Roula Khalaf! I’m very stoked about this, Roula is the first woman editor in the 129 year history of the paper, and not only that but she was born in Lebanon and as she puts it “has a foreign name”. Anyway. Exciting.
  • In her informal acceptance speech to FT editorial staff she said she didn’t know she had gotten the job until the night before when she was invited to dinner with Nikkei chairman, Tsuneo Kita, and arrived to find champagne on the table. That is just so… fancy.
  • I still haven’t remembered the thing.

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