• Hello!
  • I went to Brighton on Friday to give a talk at FFConf. I had loads of fun and people laughed at my jokes and were nice about it on twitter, which felt great. FFConf is a really easy conference for me, I’ve attended before, I know loads of the attendees, and Remy and Julie who organise it are super nice. Brighton was also very nice and as usual I left thinking “yeah let’s move here”.
  • That talk took about 40 hours to research and write, even with reusing some bits and pieces from a workshop I had given before. I’d like to give it at some more conferences but I’ll have to run it past my 22 month old boss first.
  • After the conference we spent Saturday morning in Brighton with an old friend Chet. It was a bit shit because E and L were both ill, and I was extremely tired after the conference, but I did manage to squeeze in one last lunch with Suz who I’ve been friends with online for three years but had never met in person before.
  • It’s so amazing and intense to finally meet someone you know from the internet, and for them to be incredibly fun and easy to hang with in real life too.
  • I knitted E a hat but she hates it and won’t wear it >:(

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