• I’m going to be speaking at FFConf in Brighton next week. It will be my first talk in 2 years. Last time I gave a talk I was about 10 weeks pregnant and threw up just before going on stage.
  • I did a dry run of my talk this week and got some really useful feedback from my audience. After my dry run I wrote up some tips for other people getting feedback on their talks. It’s here.
  • In contrast to last week’s horrifying weekend, this weekend has been very pleasant. Thank you for your concerned emails about the suppository. I should really reply to those at some point.
  • While I am pleased that the Sugababes are reforming in their original (and best) line up, it really tanks my metaphor for the 2019 tech strategy of rebuilding FT.com “as if it is the Sugababes” - replacing bits in-flight.
  • I’m still watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK - it’s still bad.
  • I started watching The Politician on Netflix. It is also bad, but I might keep watching it as background to knitting things.
  • Everything I watch is a background to knitting or embroidering, by the way. Which is why I can’t watch anything with subtitles.
  • OK, love you, bye.
  • P.S. sorry for getting the week number and date wrong. I fixed it now. Thanks Tom.

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