• I finished a knitting a jumper for E last week. It fits her perfectly which is very annoying because it means that soon it will be too small. It’s a nice mustard colour. I’ll write it up at some point.
  • Very bad Saturday with E that culminated in the following entering my mind “[Hey Duggee voice] Well done Squirrels! You’ve got your suppository badge”. She’s fine now. I am probably scarred for life.
  • There is so much more to that story but I’ve said too much already.
  • A while ago someone at work told me that they were told (by a failed male applicant) they got a job at the FT because they’re a woman, because the FT preferentially hires developers who are non-men. This story makes me light up with fury to be honest, because people have said similar things to me in the past, and even when you forensically disprove it, the idea persists in the back of your head for a long time as something to reach for when you’ve had a crappy day.
  • In an attempt to find some more concrete proof than just knowing we hire the best people for the job, I went in search of people who had been on the hiring panels for recent hires and GUESS WHAT the women we hired ABSOLUTELY CRUSHED IT and many of the men we did not hire acted like entitled babies who thought they knew everything.
  • Anyway - if a man ever tells you that you got a job because you’re a woman please send them to me so I may yell at them or at least give me their name so I can never hire them.

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