• Cancelling an Amazon trial membership is a real masterclass in dark patterns. Vile company.
  • A man called Dave came to fix my washing machine on Friday and he was so nice about it and I was having such a shit day that I felt quite sad when he had to leave.
  • Being a vegetarian is still tedious, just FYI.
  • E has started picking up her teddies that are lying on the floor (where she left them) and saying “Teddy! What happened?” in a really concerned voice and it absolutely destroys me every time.
  • This week I did a presentation to the Editorial Graphics team about accessibility. I kicked it off by asking them what they thought the user experience of a our physical newspaper is if you’re blind or partially sighted. That’s the reason I find accessibility cool. For 110 years, all we had was the newspaper and if you were blind you were basically not going to be able to read it. Now? Now we have a website which means people can use assistive tech to access the FT. And all we have to do is not cock that up. Which of course we continue to do. Then I went on to present the legal and financial arguments of course. I’m not that soft.
  • Motherland is back on BBC3. Motherland is the only TV show about being a parent that I’ve got into. It’s written by Sharon Horgan so of course it’s brilliant.
  • I have finished a set of mittens for E and they are very soft and cute and she loves them.

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