• Hello everyone. I am feeling a little unsettled this week. I think it’s because we moved office, but I’ve just not been able get into anything at work. Everything I did just felt like skating over the surface of a problem not properly understanding it and not properly dealing with it. Hopefully next week will be better.
  • Relatedly I am deep deep into not knowing what is going on with our tech stack.
  • The new office is really nice. They have fizzy water on tap, and Japanese toilets that spritz your bum if you want. Now, when I feel like indulging I can go for a “luxury poo”.
  • Feeling very much like the sort of person that responds to adverts that begin “Life got you down?”
  • I read this article about canteens that @aanand shared via twitter. It’s great and really captures why I like the Sainsbury’s café so much. The Sainsbury’s café isn’t technically a canteen (and you’re not allowed to eat your own food there, although the staff don’t seem to mind if you do) but even on a Saturday lunchtime there is enough space to feel no pressure to move along, and there’s plenty of different types of seating, and lots of people enjoying a lunch out. I once saw a man throw up on the floor and nobody made a big deal out of it.
  • I made another Kalle shirt. I’m going to make a third.

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