• I had a bit of a dicky tum tum this week. I never realised how often you get sick when you have a baby.
  • This was our last week in the current work building. Pretty excited to be moving to the new office. Obviously some of it will be rubbish but I view these kinds of things as boring resilience tests (I’m serious!). Also - nothing will compare to the suffering of the BERG move from the airy workshop space with skylights (now a WeWork) to the nylon carpet condemned Epworth House on City Road (now some other off-brand co-working space)
  • I think I might be having an existential cri- oh no sorry my period is due. Never mind.
  • I have learnt a new put down: “Weird flex but ok”. You say it when someone is humblebragging about something. You know like this: “I’m the only person at work that uses Linux”, “Weird flex but ok”.
  • I have a new favourite Product Manager at work - Matt product manages the FT’s audio work but is also a PROFESSIONAL BAKER?!?!?! And every so often he brings in left-overs from his Saturday stall at Crystal Palace market. The cakes he brings in are absolutely delicious and totally beautiful. Check out Brett & Bailey.
  • NEW BEYONCÉ!!! She is otherworldly. What a breathtaking performance.
  • I had Thursday off this week with E. My god it was heaven. She was a dream. We went to Mayow Park twice, looked at plants, played shop with the other children in the park, went down the big slide.
  • On Good Friday we went to another park with some other friends, one of who is Edith’s “best friend” from nursery. E kept chasing her friend and trying to cuddle her and they appear to have their own language?!

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