• Look at this! You’re now reading this over https. I thought it was going to be annoying to set up and I might have to… understand DNS or know what an A record is, but actually I only needed to update some IP addresses in Gandi and then check a checkbox in GitHub. This has definitely been made easier for me by the eggheads at GitHub since I last tried to do this so… well done eggs.
  • [Eco NEWS] I read this thing about packaging and now I’m not sure if I’m supposed to buy plastic free spinach or bagged spinach. I do feel quite lucky that none of the canvas totes I own have anything smug like I’m not a plastic bag written on them but that’s because all of them came free from tech conferences.
  • [Wokenotes] Mariko shared episode of the Reply All podcast about the origins of “yasss!” which is good. I sort of new it had queer origins but this podcast has the actual facts. Please can all white people stop saying “yasss” now, thank you.
  • I started watching Pose on iplayer after Nat wrote about it. Two things:
    1. I feel stupid for saying this but finally a lot of Ru Paul’s Drag Race makes sense.
    2. I’m not sure I can watch any more of it, because I think some of the acting might be bad?
  • I planted out my sweet peas, and potted on my other cut flowers.
  • Fleabag was good wasn’t it?
  • FFFFFFFFFFFFFF I am so tired.

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