• The little fella got discharged from nursery on Monday with a fever. I excused myself from most of my meetings and tried unsuccessfully to keep him calm and under 36.7 degrees celsius.
  • I am, at any one time, only a micrometer from my carefully arranged house of responsibilities collapsing. That’s just modern parenting. I picked up Chaz in my pyjama bottoms, which I had decided to wear to my home office work on Monday “as a little treat”.
  • By Wednesday he was still feverish and either sleepy or staring into space or deliriously telling me he “just really likes dad” so we took him to an urgent care GP who gave us some antibiotics.
  • On Wednesday, after getting 3 hours sleep the night before and struggling to juggle childcare with all the work items in the urgent∧important quadrant, I became overwhelmed and then ugly cried in a meeting with my peer group. I got a lot of sympathetic emojis via direct message which was nice.
  • E’s best friend has a fringe so E asked me to cut her one, which I did. She looks very cute but I am wrecked by how nervous she is about her new haircut. She is hoping nobody will notice at school. Children are such **s, I know they will just say the first thing that comes into their heads and I can’t bear it. rip me.
  • I got a text from one of E’s friend’s mums saying “XXX is very excited about coming to the fringe party, where E wets and combs all of their hair and cuts them a fringe”. FRINGE CLUB! FRINGE CLUB!
  • HMRC overtaxed me by £3.5k!

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