• Brighton is sodden.
  • On Tuesday I went to London and one of the many high points was getting to ask DW for an impromptu tour of the bus stops she talks about in her walknotes.
  • At swimming this week I read the board report of a medium size painting and decorating supplies chain over the shoulder of another parent, while also watching my kid swim while also having Charlito on my lap while he popped bubble wrap and waited for his turn to swim. She can multitask.
  • Anywho here are the highlights:

    • There have been 10 incidents involving fleet vehicles this year, a large increase on last year, and they anticipate a steep rise in insurance premiums for 2024. Training is given to all drivers and additional training to those involved in an accident.
    • In the Andover branch three members of staff colluded and caused £25k of losses from the company through excessive discounting and plain theft.
    • Three of the branches have been the target of a organised crime group stealing purdy’s paint brushes. Thanks to information sharing through branches the third branch was able to detect and prevent the theft of the targeted brushes.
    • The refurb of the stoke branch is behind due to a legal restructuring of one of the suppliers
  • I’ve stressed myself out by thinking about threadworms again.

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