• Everything was annoying this week. Unclench your jaw. Have the lights in the kitchen always been this abrasive? Why are the kids being SO LOUD. Why are there shoes everywhere? Is that my fault? Sometimes I feel myself being annoyed at some kind of house thing and I catch myself mentally searching for someone to blame who isn’t me. When this happens I stop and accept that if it wasn’t me that blocked the sink this time, then it was last time and it probably will be the next time. I scoop up the bits of pasta, coffee grounds, and an odd pea from the sink and mindfully unclench my jaw.
  • I have been under the weather, which is probably why this week was such a grim grind.
  • E and I did some block printing Christmas cards this Friday, she with a kids block printing kit (where you make impressions on polystyrene) and me with a linocut. The results are crude and a little bland but I’ll send them out anyway! Enjoy friends!
  • On Sunday I finally didn’t feel like curdled milk and it was remarkable.
  • They said it couldn’t be done, but I have finally moved all the manure from my front garden into the back. It took my 5 weeks.

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