• I think pain au chocolates might have started making me day-long sick. Is that possible?
  • Made this ottolenghi with the first of my three hokkaido squashes. Iโ€™ve never had a hokkaido squash before but I liked it. Iโ€™ll definitely order more of them for next year.
  • Although itโ€™s dead easy to save squash seeds, squashes are really promiscuous so the seeds from a Hokkaido could give you any old squash plant. To save ensure theyโ€™re going to give you more Hokkaidos I would have had to hand pollinate them and then seal up the flowers so nothing else got in. ๐Ÿ™…โ€โ™€๏ธ
  • I have recently learnt that old flowers smell bad (especially sunflowers). This seems obvious in retrospect, but (as a life long unsmeller) I never knew.
  • On thursday I got absolutely hammered by accident. When I got home (at midnight after 3 spicy margs) the room was spinning so badly I had to go and sit downstairs and watch TV.
  • Peakon season! [redacted]
  • My boy has the most lovely curly top.

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