• Sometimes people remind me of former versions of myself and I am deeply amused by her. Like this week a colleague told me they were going to start a four day week, and that they convinced themselves they weren’t a workshy lazy good-for-nothing by remembering that I do four day weeks but that I also have a post-it note that says “work bitch” on my monitor. I don’t have that post-it any more but I have added it back in (next to one that says “you are strong, actually”, which I wrote when I felt a bit wobbly about starting the current interim tech director job).
  • Another colleague has a habit of mis-remembering my one-liners and repeating them back to me. For example I once said “this is the hill I am willing to die on” and he repeated back to me at the end of the meeting “I’ve heard you - this is the ditch you are willing to die in”. No babe! I’m going to die valiantly on a hill! not be found soggy and bloated in a ditch by dog walkers! Argh! The second one is a misremembering of me saying a woman I greatly admire having big dick energy - which he recounted as me saying she “has the biggest dick in the building” 😬💀. I think the lesson here for me is stop saying stupid things?
  • I’ve finally finished the two Little Cotton Rabbits for E and C. E has named them Mary and Murray, which I am quite charmed by.

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