• Does she like… butter tarts?
  • What is a butter tart.
  • My attempt to collect the alphabet of bottle-tops continues. I’ve got B, D, T and S. Word on the street is there is a W on the top of Wainwright beers but i have yet to locate any in the shops. I could get an M from Meantime larger and an F from Fosters (🤢). Annoyingly no online product shots show the top of the bottle so most of my searching has to be done AFK, much like in the olden days. Anyway - please continue to send me your bottle top hot tips. Many thanks.
  • I broke out the hand knitted socks and harvested my pumpkins this week. Very autumnal behaviour.
  • Someone called me “post-technical” at work this week which would have stung but given how long it took me to remember how to log in to Fastly… I must humbly agree.
  • On Wednesday I helped my best friend of 29 years sort her mum’s house out for moving. It was really good to spend time with her and know I was being useful. She lives 3 hours away so we only see each other a few times a year, but to be able to show up and pitch in… dreamy.
  • Chazbot woke up from a nightmare distressed: “I was in a bubble and it wasn’t funny 😢”.

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