• Sailed through the five years of weaknotes milestone. Can’t believe that baby of week 1 is now 5 and has bright pink earlobes because every day she colours in bits of paper and sticks them on her ears as fake earrings and wears them to school and then the pen wears off on her skin and I can’t stop her and I think I might be bad at parenting?
  • A few times this week I’ve sat in the garden drinking coffee and watching birds pop up on the SongID bit of the Merlin app. ChiffChaff, black cap, great tit, dunnock, greenfinch, long-tailed tit. The long-tailed tits never go on the bird feeder. They are my favourite birds but I hardly ever see them.
  • Got a haircut. Looking fly as heck.
  • It’s been nearly a year since wee man had a seizure. He had 11 in a 15 month period and then nothing. The medication is definitely helping but I hope he is also just outgrowing them. He loves ambulances. One day I’m going to tell him he’s actually ridden in an ambulance nine times and he is not going to believe me.

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