• Spent the week trying not to bore on about how warm I was. I will take this into the weaknotes.
  • The garden is out of control. I swept a full wheelbarrow of needles from the cedar tree (“Cedar tree?” “yes I see it”) off the patio.
  • The Skyomish tomatoes are the best ones. Keep your fingers crossed that for me that the green ones ripen up.
  • C has some considerable rage. “Big feelings” as the call it in the books.
  • This week was good but Friday and Saturday were both a bit marred by AnXiETy that I couldn’t really pin down.
  • My hair looks like it belongs in the cupboard under the stairs.
  • Today my niece was born. Before she arrived E wanted to draw a picture of her but got stuck on colouring her in as didn’t know what skin she colour she was going to have (like - would it be peachy? or brown? or black?) so we had to have a little chat about genetic inheritance (My brother and his wife are both white).

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