• Sorry this is late. I have been making little cotton rabbits.
  • 10 points for anybody who manages to avoid saying or having said to them: “Typical - the weather gets good as soon as the summer holidays are over”. I have already lost this game several times over.
  • On Saturday we went to the Alresford Show. There is no phone reception at the Alresford Show which is a bit of a hassle if you have two small children who want to do different things. I spent over an hour in the queue for face painting, which was being run by the evangelical church. E didn’t seem to mind as there were rabbits to pet and colouring activities, but she did also come out covered in Jesus Loves Me stickers and carrying a book mark with a biblical quote on it.
  • Last week I went to my parent’s house so my mum could look after her grand-daughter while I sat on google hangouts alternating between telling people what to do and asking people what they think they should do.
  • I went into the office for one of the days, which was a massive hassle (being as I was much less conveniently placed than I would have been had I been at home) but totally worthwhile so as not to win the prize of being the only chump on the google hangout at the away day. At the end of the away day I drank a pint of beer and then sat on a sweaty train home and then stayed awake until midnight thinking completely useless things, and then I woke up at 3 because E got into bed with me having had a nightmare about crocodiles trying to eat all of her friends and then I woke up every 30 minutes after that as she proceeded to wriggle around like a worm in the dirt after a storm.
  • On the way back from mum and dads we stopped off at Midhurst and one picnic bench over from me was Paul who was in my tutor group at college (Mary Hough’s Computer Tutor). Paul also had no business whatsoever being in Midhurst so it was fun to say hello and meet his small children. I’m just including this as a fun easter egg for paul. Hi Paul!
  • Last week someone in marketing said “the SKIM research said x” and i duly noted down “WTF is SKIM” to google later. When I came to look it up I couldn’t find anything at all which was weird but I continued with my life. This week someone said “the research done by Skim” and I realised that a) Skim is a company b) My brain is so broken by people walking around saying acronyms that I have to google later I am now finding them when they don’t even exist.

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