• Some of my larger variety tomatoes have blossom end rot. I think this is just because they are the first ones? I read that anyway. I assume it’s fine.
  • I took my silly boy swimming and he got a pool noodle and paddled around the pool like a little doggy, saying “I’m swimming!!!” and swallowing pool water and giggling. After 40 minutes his lips were blue and I took him out. Last time Lachie took the kids swimming they didn’t have enough noodles because the children of the pool had taken too many bites out of them. Pool noodles are very chewable to be fair.
  • School is finished for the year. E told me, almost bursting with pride, that she had gotten to sign two year six leaver’s shirts 🥺. She also told me she got to watch a teachers vs yr6 football match on the last day and there were yr6 cheer leaders doing backflips and cartwheels.
  • We’re watching The Bear season 2. V good.
  • I’m also watching (alone) And Just Like That, because I am very committed to these women and their stories.
  • Like clockwork, this year’s adolescent seagull fell off the roof.

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