• A few weeks ago I was painting a mug in a pottery café and I thought “It would be fun to do this with my cousin who lives in New Zealand” and so I sent him a message to that effect via Instagram, which, stupidly, is the only method I have to contact him except passing messages between our mothers.
  • Pol, my cousin, messaged back saying he would be here soon. Unsure if this is a joke, because Pol has a very dry sense of humour (a condition of the family), I just replied “Great!”. The last time Pol was in the UK was eight years ago so it did seem somewhat unlikely that I would, by co-inky-dink, have texted him within weeks of a planned trip.
  • Then, two weeks later he took a photo of a car that had run off the road in Peckham and I was like… you’re here?!
  • And so on Friday we actually did paint some pots in this twee little café that exclusively plays the Juno soundtrack.
  • So - yeah - text your kiwi cousins when you think of them!
  • The potty training is going very well thanks. C just takes himself off whenever he needs to go and has done hardly any runny poo on the carpet and his feet. Hardly any!
  • I ate the first home grown tomato, it did not disappoint.

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