• Little early weeknote for you all as I’m going away this weekend.
  • I am still watching the Handmaid’s Tale. Is it good? I have no idea. What a luxury have time to think critically if something is “good” or not.
  • My daughter woke up, woozy from sleep, and looked up at Lachie “is Charlie here? Where is Charlie? is Charlie made of… Charlie?”. She then went on to say something about her brother being made from flowers.
  • The adolescent seagull that had been living on the neighbour’s roof fell off it, resulting in its parent harassing anybody who had to go down the street including me. These seagulls - I hate them!
  • I cleaned the garden pond filter and replaced the lightbulbs. Will that make it less… brown? idk friends.
  • Got five tomatoes from the plants.
  • I saw a greenfinch on the bird feeder.
  • This weekend I’m travelling alone to Rye for a couple of nights away. This was my birthday present from Lachie. I absolutely love this idea in theory, some “me” time! How novel! I’ll read a book! I’ll think about things I don’t normally get to think about, like “is the handmaids tale any good”? I think it will take me, oh, about 40 minutes before I’m just scrolling through photos of the kids and wondering what they’re up to and wondering if they miss me. I will report back.

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