• Ayyyyyyy.
  • On Monday I started my new role as [interim] Tech Director for Customer Products (the team I’ve been a principal engineer in for the last five years).
  • Tuesday - Thursday I was at a Staff Plus and then Leading Eng. On Thursday the Staff Plus folks told me the talk I gave did really well on the audience feedback form but I was at that point entirely made of feelings so I just burst into tears.
  • Staff Plus was really good, lots of great talks which which I’ll be pushing on all of my colleagues once the videos are available. If you’re a conference organiser and want to know who you should be picking up, let me know. The conference was very sold out so I know there are more people who would have liked to see these.
  • I met some really dreamy people at Staff Plus. I don’t know how to keep up with everyone I met now I don’t use twitter :(((
  • Being at a conference meant I had to spend three nights away from Brighton which I thought I’d sort of enjoy but actually my brain is entirely broken by being a parent and I just missed my family a lot. When I got back everyone acted incredibly pleased to see me and I got spend an hour with the kids doing all the little stuff we do.
  • Because putting photos in markdown is a minor hassle, I never bother but! I have some things to share:
    • I finished knitting the ingrid top and have worn it a lot! I will put it on Ravelry at some point.
    • I also made a mug and a pot a few weeks ago at the pottery cafe in Brighton. I’m so happy with how they came out.
    • Sareh took some photos of me presenting so… here is one of those too.

Ingrid top Yep OK mug Yep OK mug pot Speaking at Staff Plus

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