• Hey.
  • Because I never learn, I attributed being all weepy and anxious on Friday to work stuff/anxiety for next week when I’m giving a talk and being away from my kids for three days, but then when I got the shits I realised it was simply a gut infection. The clue should have been all the loose bowel movements C has been having. Anyway, my mind remains strong as my gut is feeble.
  • Kid stuff:
    • C likes to wear his goggles in the bath “like a pirate” where just one goggle covers one eye and the other goggle is on his forehead.
    • E was in a school assembly. She did very well.
    • We live very close to London Road in Brighton, which means easy access to London to Brighton things. Mini rallies, bike rides, mods, all kinds of things. This weekend I heard a brum brumming in the distance and grabbed car-mad Chaz to investigate. We found a vintage US car rally. There were pontiacs, cadillacs, vintage fords. I don’t care for cars but C was in to it.
  • It was Anna’s leaving presentation on Thursday. Kara and I made a full 15x15 cryptic crossword which we’re both pretty proud of? And then I co-ordinated the front page which our colleague in editorial described as the easiest front page he’d ever laid out because everyone stuck to the word counts 💪. I wrote the main story, and went through the rest of the stories standardising them, as best I could, to FT style - eg people are “Alice Bartlett” and then “Bartlett” in subsequent mentions. DETAILS MATTER, PEOPLE.
  • Can I just have a hug please. Thanks.

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