• Happy 250 weeks since I decided to start weekly blogging.
  • I ran a spell checker over all of my previous posts and fixed myriad typos. Myriad!
  • I learnt a lot of facts about platypodes at the department summer rounders game this week.
    • Plural of platypus is platypuses or, strictly, platypodes. That’s not a fact about platypuses but language.
    • Platypodes have venemous spurs on their legs
    • They are mammals but they lay eggs
    • They glow under UV light
    • Nobody was good enough at Googling to tell us if they had periods.
  • Enough fact shitting!
  • I had a dream that I was made head girl. What could it all mean.
  • I was perusing the FT style-guide the other day. It is full of gems, but today I came across:

    cynic A cynic is someone who takes a pessimistic view of human motives and actions, who believes the worst about people or the outcome of events; a sceptic is someone who asserts nothing positively and doubts the authenticity of accepted beliefs, who mistrusts people, ideas etc, in general. Let us preserve the distinction.

  • It rained!

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