• I went rock pooling with E today. There are some chalk flats next to the marina which at low tide you can rock-pool in. It was ace.
  • On the bus there there were three teenage lads at the back of the bus chatting about girls they wanted to shag, if it’s better to go to Magaluf when you’re 18 or wait until you’re 19, who’s got a fake ID, what everyone’s doing for their 18th birthday party. I could tell E was listening in and when we got off I asked her how old she thought they were. She paused for a sec and then said “10… maybe 11?”
  • E can do cartwheels now. Cartwheel school was a success!
  • I am doing a lot of hiring at the moment (please, if you are an SEO person who can also write JavaScript and are looking for a nine-ish months of fairly easy work with a nice bunch of lxds do let me know). All the interviews and wash-ups and whatnot, combined with leading another pay and promotions cycle is leading to a very crunchy period.
  • On Thursday I went to a cash-point to take out some money for driving lessons but I was so distracted by work that I distractedly punched in my pin code and amount (£250) and then left the cash-point without taking the money. I was half way around Sainsbury’s before I realised I didn’t have any money in my pockets and even then I couldn’t remember if I had or had not taken the money.
  • I had to get the store manager of Sainsbury’s to check the CCTV (which showed nothing). The money is gone from my account and has not yet returned even though the most likely thing is that the ATM swallowed it. I have raised a “cash point dispute” via NatWest. The woman on the phone from NatWest was so nice I thought I was going to cry.
  • After all that the driving lesson was cancelled.
  • I am going to sprout my own mung beans. Is she OK? This seems like it could be a cry for help.

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