• What doin’?
  • We’ve been feeding the neighbour’s cats this week. Little C (who is about as smart as most 2.5 year olds, which is to say, not the sharpest spoon in the drawer) talks to the cats like they are very stupid, but like they also understand him. He bends down so he is eye level with them and says “HELLO CAT! DO YOU WANT SOME BREAKBAST CAT? BREAKBAST TOYME CAT! BREAKBAST” It’s incredibly cute and certainly worth the disgust of sliding the meat-in-goo out of the Whiskas pouch.
  • E decided for the easter hols she wanted to learn how to do a cartwheel. Lachie (who is looking after her) can’t cartwheel either so they have invented… Cartwheel school 🥺
  • I have watched E do about 50 “cartwheels” at this point. She makes me score every single one. So far the highest I’ve given her is a 18/20. Idk why I’m scoring these out of 20 - cartwheel school rules.
  • Lachie is too big to do his cartwheel practices in the living room so he has to do them in the garden. I have yet to see his attempts.
  • We went to the zoo on Tuesday. Tuesday, zoosday. There is a penguin there called Charlie who has a wonky beak because his parents trod on him while he was hatching.
  • Quick question - why is the teaching staff of my daughter’s school 90% women and yet both the current and previous head teachers have been men? why could that be? can anybody furnish me with an explanation for this strange coincidence? this weird little co-inky-dink?

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