• Parasols for my real friends, real soles for my parasocial friends. That doesn’t work but weaknote rules - I think it, I type it.
  • There are blue tits in the bird house.
  • I’ve been getting some v good cuddles from the 2.5 year old. He puts his forehead against mine and says “oh my baby oh my baby she’s so special!”
  • “On your marks, get set, go! Chop-chop lollipop!”
  • I am watching Love Is Blind again.
  • I am weaving.
  • I’ve finished knitting this cardigan for my daughter and she loves it.
  • Now I’m knitting this top.
  • The mung beans were fine in that I didn’t give myself e. coli, but I wasn’t able to enjoy them because of the jeopardy. And they were fine, but not worth the risk.

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