• Nearly past January and onto the also, frankly, rubbish “February”. Hang in there everyone.
  • “I’m a super-tato mummy!” C says as he takes off his trousers. He’s always doing this. I think he has noticed that super-tato (a potato who is also a super hero) doesn’t wear trousers (because he is a potato) and so he feels this is good cover for him to do what he always wants to do which is have is little chubby legs be freeeeee (relatable)
  • I took E to go and see frozen the musical. I don’t like musicals because that singing talking american accent voice they do makes me want to turn to dust, so I had mixed feelings when E told me at the interval that she wanted to go home. Good! No more musical theatre voice! Bad! I paid loads of money and E is finding it too scary! Good! E knows that the second half will have the scary ice monster in and she doesn’t care to stick around for it.
  • I feel very agitated by everything all of the time.

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