• Morning!
  • Finally broken the back of the CircleCI leak. Now on to the promotions and pay rises rounds. The spreadsheet party don’t stop.
  • My big one turned 5 this week. We threw her a frozen themed party in the church hall two doors down and invited all of her class plus some extras plus some siblings.
  • 30+ children turned up which was cool but also 🤪
  • I made a Frozen castle cake using google searches for inspo and my own imagination. When E saw it she said (breathlessly) this is the best cake I’ve ever seen! Which is good because it did take me over a week of planning/evening baking bits and pieces.
  • We had a bouncy castle, pin the nose on Olaf, pass the parcel, a piñata, and some massive balloons. The massive balloons were the best thing I think, particularly when E showed everyone her game of drawing faces on the balloons with sharpies. We didn’t fill them with helium or anything just left them in the hall for the kids to bounce on, kick about, and adopt as pet cats.
  • I really have to start sending E to birthday parties with better gifts. We’ve been giving stickers but the stuff E came back with was, without exception, much better than stickers. Blue castle cake with ice cream cone and meringue turretts and Olaf the snowman

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