• I read this about pathological liar and author Dan Mallory after Dan W tweeted it. I didn’t really want to be reading it, but it sucked me in. I went to school with a pathological liar but she’s probably grown out of it by now. She used to make up all kinds of odd things - her dad (a GP) was being hounded by the press because of some scandal; she wrote a piece of music herself that I recognised to be the Moonlight Sonata 🤷‍♀️; one day she came to school and pretended for a whole day to have lost her voice.
  • There are new emoji. Very excited for the flamingo. Not so excited for the small dick emoji.
  • I’ve started a sewing class at Sew Over It. I’m going to make some chroma-key cigarette pants. The new Sew Over It shop is lovely and spacious and bright. I’ve got the same brilliant teacher that I had last time (Julie). She’s basically a pattern savant - can look at any bum/thigh/crotch and say what changes to the pattern need to be made.
  • We started watching that Bill Clinton docu on Channel 4. It’s good! There is some very eighties hair happening.
  • This week edited a hunk for the first time using git. I felt very alive and very powerful to be honest.
  • [Chris Noth watch] OMG Chris Noth is in Catastrophe and he has white hair and a moustache!

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