• Normally when I see someone is doing weeknotes about their actual jobs I think “oh here we go, this’ll be extremely boring” so imagine my surprise when I clicked on Mat’s second instalment which begins with the sentence:

Another week of shining visions of joined-up healthcare being ground to dust by grim reality as we continue to investigate service propositions for hooking 111 online into pharmacies.

  • It ends with something even better but I don’t want to spoil it for you.
  • The other day a friend told me she absolutely hates getting compliments because she finds them incredibly patronising. This has left me with a paranoia that every time I say “well done” the person I’ve said it to is thinking “thanks - fuck you!”
  • Because of the way the character “Pauly” in the Sopranos pronounces his name (with a New Jersey accent it’s more like “poorly”) now in our house when you’re ill you say “I’m Pauly, from New Joysey”. It’s just a thing we do, OK? Anyway at the beginning of this week I was extremely Pauly from New Jersey.
  • Last week I did some pairing with my colleague Maggie. It was not very interesting work, but it was great to get to pair with someone, especially someone cool and fun like Maggie. I think we both learnt some stuff and the task I was dealing with got done much quicker because Maggie was co-pilot. I don’t get to write a lot of code anymore so this kind of thing is basically living the dream.
  • Well done to the leet hax0r that has taken up my old tumblr and started posting spam to it. I had forgotten to delete the DNS record after I deleted the Tumblr so now at my domain there is a load of crap about using photoshop. I have deleted it now, don’t worry. In retrospect, I should have hung on to the Tumblr name, but I held it close to me, asked myself “does alicesews.tumblr.com spark joy?” and then acted accordingly. Marie Kondo hasn’t, to my knowledge, done an episode on tidying up old tumblrs but I hope she’ll point out that the second you “delete” a tumblr you free it up to be used by anyone else, and obviously delete the corresponding DNS record you n00b.
  • I am tiiiired. Help me.
  • If I was going to get into catfishing I would use Rowan Manning’s profile pic.
  • This week 5 of us had our third away-day to sort out the career paths and progression at work. After 3 days we have a rough bunch of agreed competencies and a plan for shipping them as a versioned alpha, which feels amazing.
  • We’re moving office in May and our new bogs have those Japanese computerised bum hole washing toilets that also sing to you. I would complain about this but we also got some gender neutral bathrooms so I think everyone got what they wanted.
  • Just did week 2 of my sewing class. I kind of zoned out last week when Julie told us what the homework was and so I ended up doing probably 2 hours more than everyone else, which is significant when a class is 3 hours.

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