• We mutha-flippin made it to mutha-flipping February my dudes.
  • This week I’ve been moving my sewing tumblr over to this site. I’ve done 30 posts since 2014. It’s been interesting to look back at 5 years worth of sewing.
  • Edith has finally kicked her nursery cold. It’s like “freshers flu” but you’re a baby. Gosh she is adorable. On Tuesday I said to her “Edith can I have a cuddle?” and she literally stopped what she was doing (pretending to drink from a cup) and crawled over to me, rested her head on my knee and said “ahh-hahh”. rip me.
  • I went to see Hamilton on Thursday. I don’t know why I keep going to musicals. I don’t actually like them but every few years I forget and end up going to one. I actually walked out of Avenue Q at the interval. Hamilton was good? For a musical.
  • It’s gotten to that bit of winter where everything is a grind. I know the first peeps of spring will make me feel better and remind me how weak I am for being so affected by the weather. DO NOT tell me to get a SAD lamp.
  • I’m getting a lot of wear out of my TN31. It’s so long and cosy, I’m really happy with how it turned out.
  • I was using git add --p this week and it made me wonder: “What is the hunkiest emoji”? I had a quick look and I think it might be “man playing water polo” 🤽‍ On the one hand, he’s shirtless (v hunky) on the other hand though he’s wearing a swimming cap (the antithesis of hunky).
  • Hot or Not but for emoji?

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