Programming note: if you’re seeing this and thinking “hey this isn’t a weaknote! I hate it!” that’s fine. You could probably subscribe to the RSS feed of just weaknotes over here. Also. I originally wrote this in June last year and then failed to publish it because I wanted some extra photos, that I then never managed to take. Anyway. Here it is. With me in June. I still wear this jacket a lot. it’s been great.

This is the Megan Nielsen Hovea jacket in Merchant and Mills Rasai Jacquard. I think I was influenced on instagram into making this tbh. It worked out because I have worn it a lot, nearly constantly since I finished it few months ago.

I have a couple of notes on the pattern

I made the cropped version. There are three lengths; cropped, long, and somewhere in the middle. I knew which picture of a jacket I wanted to make but it took me a little googling to work out if I was aiming for a “cropped” jacket or a “normal” length one.

Before I made it I wondered if the pockets were going to be useful at all, and they aren’t. On the cropped version are too shallow to hold anything but sometimes I poke my hands in there.

I’m a tall gal so I lengthened the sleeves an inch so they could be nice and floppy, or cuffed up a bit.

I finished the internal seams by hand to get a neat finish on the bias binding. That took me ages.

Another thing that took ages was creating the bias binding for the exterior edge. This is because I had to deconstruct the jacquard to give me a single layer of fabric. The jacquard is really nice. It is two layers of cotton with some threads running through the centre.

Side Back Front Inner seam

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