• Brighton Library has a new audiobook provider and they have a way better kids selection so I made E a load of new Yoto cards. Kids these days will never know the feeling of going to the library and getting out a bunch of cassette tapes to bring home and listen to.
  • If you really want to up your Yoto game, and you can bear the visual inconsistency and dodgy pixel art then https://www.yotoicons.com/icons has a lot more icons than the Yoto site. Even on the Yoto site, some of the “official” icons are antialiased and some are not and it makes me feel uncomfortable.
  • E can read quite a lot of words now which is cool but also I can’t spell things out to Lachie anymore when I don’t want her to know what we’re saying.
  • I spent the week dealing with CircleCI still. The other options on the menu are running the Q1 pay/promotions round (really stressful) so on balance I’ve won. I dreamed about keys and spreadsheets most nights, and most days I was so invested in the work that I kept forgetting to eat.
  • C’s current fave thing is asking to listen to “I’m Still Standing” and then yelling “Let’s dance mummy!” and then we have to go into the space in the kitchen and dance. It’s great.
  • E is having a birthday party in the hall down the road from us. I have become completely obsessed with the idea of making her a cake. She drew me a picture of it. It is a castle, like the ice castle in frozen. I don’t actually like baking, but cake decorating? Making a cake look like a castle with a little Olaf model on the top. Very into that.
  • Someone messaged me on Linkedin to say that my Git for humans talk is part of the extra learning materials for a course they’re on and then said a load of really nice things. It felt great!

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